A service dedicated to Advertising and interactive agencies:

This service aims to help the creatives with their ideas, deeply crawling online conversations and online actions that potential consumers do. It’s an help when it comes to chose between two directions, to understand if there’s an existing background which can be levered.

Concrete applications:

- Who can be the most inspiring icon for a brand?

  • Is a star an interesting icon for a brand? Does she have any bad reputation? Is she already too present –then too confusing- in social journeys?
  • Is she more followed by AB+ people or by mass-market?

- Is a brand expected on a specific topic?

  • Can brand A be legitimate to communicate on sustainable development?
  • Can brand A’s legitimacy on House music be used to increase the Word Of Mouth?

- New business developments:

  • What can be the online assets to win a competition?


- Social creative brainstorming based on the insights with your creative teams

- Report with SWOT based on the creative ideas which need to be tested

Tools: depending on the budget

- eCairn

- Radian6

- Tailor-made set of digital tools

Example of our work:

- The importance of Nail Art

Rates (OOP: preferred tools)

- Simple audits starting from £2K (3 days Digital Analyst)

- Social creative programme starting from £3K (3 days Digital Analyst + 1 day Digital Strategist)

- New business support starting from £3K (2 days Digital Strategist to work on your agency’s proposals)