HR & marketing departments:

This service aims to help the company’s stakeholders shape a better organization when it comes to integrating and responding Social Media. After a strong brief and 2 workshops, we’ll refine your business priorities and start crawling the web. At the end, we’ll get social patterns of the diverse profiles you need to address

Concrete applications:

- What can I do when my brand is criticized online because of a live-problem?

  • What do customers generally say? Is there a way to rationalize the different kinds of problems in few patterns?
  • Who’s the most legitimate to answer? What are the different steps in your Response System?
  • What are the critical indicators and where do you need to look for?

- What do potential candidates look for when they want to apply for your company?

  • Are there interesting sources which need to be outreached or at least listened to?
  • Is there a fake rumor which needs to be denied?
  • What’s the social journey of these candidates?



- digital SWOT analysis (= definition of an optimum for the client, based on the context analysis)

- Profiling of key targets and their social journey


- Tools: depending on the budget

- eCairn

- Radian6

- Tailor-made set of digital tools


Rates (OOP: preferred tools)

- Simple audits starting from £4K (6 days Digital Analyst)

- Social Business Engineering