For anyone in trouble, feeling that there might be some digital opportunities for a specific project

Consulting does not really mean anything. What we do believe thus is that once you’re in trouble with digital, there are methodologies to implement to solve your problems. We’re not wizards, we just try to understand your business

Concrete applications:

- You organise an event and you’d love to generate some attention?

  • Are there some interesting moments which could cristallize influencers’ attention?
  • Aren’t there a way to mix your advertising campaigns with Social Media tactics to maximise ROI?
  • What if the most interesting phase for your event is AFTER the event?

- As a fashion boutique or retail, how can I improve my customers’ loyalty?

  • Can you implement a Social Scoring programme ?
  • Are there ways to add some digital interactions within your shop?

Deliverables & rates:

- depending on the scope of work, “sky is the limit”