Laurent François is the proud owner/Managing Director of French Ideas.

After 6+ years on the agency (Ogilvy) and media side (L’Express), he decided to launch his own digital boutique agency in May, 2012. Laurent owns strong skills in Social Media monitoring, strategic planning, early-stage marketing and new business development. He’s also involved in diverse fashion & cultural projects

His baseline: art is long
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Tristan Nicolas is the Head of Social Commerce.

Tristan was in Laurent’s team at Ogilvy. He then joined eCairn (SAAS service to map , monitor and manage communities) as a business developer. Tristan launched in 2011 with 2 founding partners Ben & Fakto, a fashion online store. Tristan joined French Ideas in 2013 to be in charge of Social Commerce.

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The French Connection (French or not, basically) 


Vu Quan Nguyen is part of French Ideas network. He’s our beloved Art Director, and owns a very ambitious anti-concept store (Le Dixieme) dedicated to contemporary men’s lifestyles in Lyon; he also  gives consulting advice here and there to emerging brands.


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 Sébastien François is EM Production CEO, a dedicated broadcasting and interactive video production agency which operates worldwide, founded in 2000.

As a veteran in Interactive industry, Sebastien is official ICE (Independant Certified Expert) at Sony Professional France and Independant Senior Consultant at Panasonic Broadcast France


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