Vu Quan and Laurent know each other pretty well. They’ve done Sciences Po together, and they now blog on Le Boulevardier and Hit Bag. They’re also more and more involved in creative social projects. French Ideas and Le Dixieme, Vu Quan’s ambitious anti-concept store dedicated to contemporary men’s lifestyles & art direction in Lyon are natural partners. Here’s a discussion of the two boys on business, art direction, and social.


Laurent: Hi Vu Quan, so we write a lot together on fashion, on society and we’re also fond of nightlife. But it’s not the point. The point is that we’re also business partners. Why is that important for an Art Director to closely work with a Social Media agency at the early stage of any project?

Vu Quan: What we both share is the key to answer your question. Social Media are spaces where cultures and trends flow. Art Direction as we conceive it at Le Dixieme is a function that transforms these cultural elements into key factors of success for brands or companies. From the start of a project, there has to be a smart vision of what’s at stake creatively speaking in the hearts and minds of all actors involved.

Laurent: Can you tell us some interesting projects you’ve led with Le Dixième? I’ve seen something pretty astonishing for Les Nuits Sonores, a French music festival in Lyon?

Vu Quan: Since the opening of our store front, we have worked on pinging the right echoes in the minds of our target audience. This means setting up creative partnerships and collaborations with the adequate active party networks and selected artists. We have probed the cultural spheres we knew to be the closest to our targets’ center of interests to share an experience there with them. Lately, we have turned the problematic around by building a culturally coherent circuit of indie spots (shops, galleries, food joints, etc) in Lyon under our lead creative direction. It’s called Lyfe in Lyon.

Laurent: What are your tips in order to genuinely mash up creativity, art and business?

Vu Quan: Business is a matter of focus, but to grow better, it needs vision and therefore curiosity. When it comes to brands and identities, there is much to do in order to blend values and ideas together through digital or physical projects. I don’t believe in the hype or the underground. Mashing up creativity, art and business is a matter of convergence.