Well well well! August was not very quiet after all, and many developments are on their way, in London AND Paris.

  • first BIG news: Le Boulevardier (French version of Hit Bag) has just been ranked #1 fashion blog in France on ebuzzing lab. It’s a good milestone for Vu Quan Nguyen (that you’ve discovered on French Ideas blog as he’s our Art Director favorite partner) and Laurent, and they’re still highly motivated to keep the word-of-mouth growing! Their English version is now ranked #32
  • French Ideas is now involved on a great new business competition in France with a PR agency. Stay tuned!
  • Laurent is also involved until October with a big digital agency in London for a global pitch. You won’t know more about it :)
  • If you want to discover the Brick Lane effect, well, you can read Laurent’s post for The Wall!