Oh my…it’s been a very long time since our last FI week’s post! Actually the last one was last summer. Not that we don’t like to share with you what we are doing (but hey, it’s also your fault, just ring our bell or drop us an email…) but we’ve been very, VERY busy.

  • We’ve been working a lot for French Connection and their digital strategy + activation…From Funny Faces programme all over the world with top influencers, to setting up a social media team + newsroom for the massive #StyleChallenge in 27 stores in the UK with ComeRound, + setting up a new editorial strategy with their whole team, there’s been WORK to do. And you know what? WE LOVE THAT. Keep an eye on what the brand is doing: we bet it’s going to skyrocket
  • We’re now part with RE-UP of CCFGB
  • We’ve been deploying some digital guidelines for a global consumer brand in August. Yes, we become good at that :)
  • Laurent was the moderator of a big conference for the launch of the new campaign for the European elections with Jimmy JAMAR,, Juana LAHOUSSE-JUÁREZ, and Emily VON SYDOW
  • We’ve been following Fashion Week a lot for Hit Bag and we’ve done some cool collaborations with Fiat and Levi’s.
  • We’ve arranged a massive media influence and digital influence programme for European Commission in France with MCBG. A mix of media partnership, Google Hangout, live broadcast, political communication and citizens’ activation.
  • We are starting a project with Jacuzzi and you’ll know more about it right here…
  • We’ve been training some students and some senior executives for their digital activities…can’t tell you more yet but very interesting conversations
  • The very big news is that RE-UP is now really alive and kicking: we now have an integrated agency, from brand strategy to digital activation…follow us on RE-UP for all our news, point of view, developments etc.
  • Laurent was one of the panelists for a conference by ELAN called: Luxury, the currency of je ne sais quoi with CIPR.

La bise!