Oh La La. 12 weeks without giving any news. We’re bad bad bad for our own PR, but it’s because we try to be good good good with so many new interesting clients!

  • French Ideas Agency is now part of RE-UP collective. We’ve regrouped with some new brothers to provide a more integrated approach for our clients.
  • We’ve been developing Digital and Social Media guidelines for a big FMCG brand trying to rejuvenate its own positioning. From social positioning to best practices, with a big workshop in Switzerland to the setting up of some creative territories, it was huge.
  • We’ve been developing digital guidelines for a global brand too, focusing on HR and talent attraction. Massive.
  • With RE-UP, we’ve started to work for a global fashion brand, very British, very irreverent. Damn it, it’s so rock’n roll, inspiring and we feel that we’re BUILDING something. You’ll have to read the press soon, dear readers
  • We keep on working for a European Commission project. September will be epic!
  • Some new businesses in the loop too…fingers crossed
  • We might need to hire new people soon. If you’re fed up with global monsters, do not hesitate to apply for the future rockstar but humble agency
  • Oh, we still write a lot on fashion and we’ve changed our very own Hit Bag template.
  • Tristan is preparing a massive offer in social commerce. Stay tuned
  • Oh and brands, we have a very interesting back-office tool for you. We don’t communicate on it yet, but brief us and you’ll know
  • Laurent keeps writing here and there. You can read why he thinks that new social media marketers are worse than the old ones. Oh and guess what: last year, we started the company at El Paso (Old Street). We now have great offices but we’ve written this post from El Paso. Good to remember where we’re from.

With love,