As you can imagine, Spring is coming and we feel a sort of new ENERGY coming from our new clients. And that’s huge.

  • we’ve been working for European Commission, French representation, on their very first digital activation programme with influencers (bloggers, institutions, corporate boards etc.) in Paris. The topic was all about energy and sustainable development. Fabulous meetings with interesting people. Massive online interactions on twitter and on . We’ll soon release a case study with MCBG agency. And thank you Google Hangout!


  • we’ve just started a great mission for a very BIG FMCG brand; we’re now developing their Global Digital Guidelines and getting their business ready for social
  • we’ve also been covering Adobe Summit 2013 for SocialMediaToday. And we’ve been pretty impressed by their new “cloud” and predictive marketing approach
  • Laurent has released some insights about the next Burberry digital strategy for The Wall
  • Feet project keeps rocking, thanks to a little help of Glam Media :) Share your own feet, while we’re finalizing the production of the short film :)
  • We can’t wait Digital Shoreditch 2013. Laurent will be speaking on “The Revenge of Subcultures”
  • Tristan is currently volunteering for Ouishare Fest in France. It’s all about collaborative economy.