Fashion Week was over and we haven’t really recovered yet! Epic times, as usual.

  • We’ve presented an interesting campaign which shall go viral in few weeks for one of our clients: it’s gonna be fun!
  • Laurent wrote an article called “don’t only measure your brand success with Direct ROI indicators“. This post has been massively retweeted and shared: good reactions and good conversations; a very strange thing nonetheless: the “little war” between Direct Marketers and Social Media gangs. We love you all guys!
  • We’re short-listed for a very attracting fashion brand. More to come.
  • We’re also short-listed for the launch of a new service in France. You’ll know more later.
  • We’ve launched with GOODPILOT, FTL & Marion May a creative & social project called “The Feet Project“. Visit the platform!
  • We’ve been working with JWT on some digital strategies…we love their gang, seriously
  • Laurent will be on stage during Digital Shoreditch…More to come