As the digital industries are moving fast, we’re also surfing and having some difficulties to write here very regularly. At the end, many managers declare about their activities that it’s “business as usual”. The truth is that there’s not such thing. Business as not usual should be a better idea. ANYWAY.

A busy December, and a very positive one! New clients, new topics, and a new office in January, 3rd. We’ll keep you posted we promise

  • we’ve been working with another team @ JWT London. And we’ve learned the idiom “how’s tricks”. We’re pretty proud of it :)
  • few interesting topics with ELAN but we can’t really share haha
  • Laurent wrote a new article about The Comeback of Native Communities in 2013
  • We’re working on a Social Commerce offer with our brand new Social Commerce Director…

We wish you a Merry Christmas and happy celebrations!