Tim Ho and Laurent met thanks to Ogilvy family. As they’ve deciced to go for entrepreneurial mights and magics, but that they share some visions, they are now partners for international clients. Tim Ho founded SALT Creatives. A really rockstar agency, mixing strong user experience capabilities and research & insights works. Rock on.

Hi Tim! So you’re the proud founder of SALT Creatives, a digital agency based in Hong Kong & Canada: can you tell us more about it?

Many brands have great stories to tell, stories that shape brands to differentiate from the others, but not all brands know how to use these stories and content strategically. SALT helps brands generate authentic word of mouth by creating innovative campaign ideas and brand management on digital and social media for lifestyle and hospitality brands.

You sell both digital planning but also creative design: how do you shape the 2 skills, which are really complementary but difficult to balance?

My educational background and passion is art & design, and my career background is on digital strategy and planning. Digital marketing involves very much of user interface and consumer insight studying, SALT believes that design is a business solution that shapes user experience, which is crucial for any digital activities.

What are the next steps for SALT Creatives?

Keep impressing our clients and their target customers.

Which client case are you specifically proud of?

Petite Amanda is a pastry brand started by celebrity Amanda Strang. While all the attention went to the celebrity herself, their business was not doing well. SALT helped them revamp their marketing strategy, increase engagement and interactions with potential fans, from in-store integration to Facebook management, we have boosted up their sales and online community size significantly.